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Determining Heirs Can Sometimes Be Complicated

Determining one’s beneficiaries is a straightforward matter if there is a Will which spells out their wishes. If, however, one dies without a will in the state of Texas then the process of determining heirs becomes more complicated. Texas’ intestate succession law lays out how heirs will be determined, by following specific procedure when asking the probate court to reach such a determination. Kathleen assists people in resolving the issue of heirship determination during a probate when one dies without a will.

Once the Probate Court determines who the potential heirs are, then property will be divided and that division will depend on whether one was married, had children, had siblings, and whether their spouse, children, children’s descendants, siblings, siblings descendants, or parents are still alive.

What if one dies without a surviving spouse, children, parents or siblings? What if the estate heirs are unknown?

Forensic Genealogists, or probate researchers like Attorney Kathleen Macaulay, trace people who are entitled to a share in an estate. When an estate is filed with a Probate Court, Kathleen works to locate missing heirs, and research family history to identify unknown heirs.

When conducting a forensic genealogy investigation, Kathleen uses all reasonable means at her disposal, which includes state of the art technology to access every possible database source and all available research resources. However, effective interpretation of the data and further enquiries requires diligent expertise. Clients can rely upon our document research expertise, and our unparalleled investigative skills to conduct investigations in connection with:

Estate & trust settlement matters.
Distribution of unclaimed assets.
Suits to quiet title to real property.
Establishment of ownership of oil, gas, and mineral rights or other legal interests.

Our Other Practice Areas

Estate and Trust administration can be a smooth, straightforward process, or a difficult experience. Kathleen can explain the process and help you evaluate the risks.

Kathleen’s goal is to help to ensure you and your loved ones will be provided for in the event of your death or disability with proper estate planning.

Each business is unique, and the question of which form of organization is best can only be answered by looking at the specifics of the business and its goals.

Find Unknown Heirs

As an attorney and forensic genealogist, Kathleen lends her expertise in both areas to the diligent search and conduct of legal proceedings to establish unknown heirs. Contact her today to begin your search.

Kathleen Macaulay Is An Estate Probate Attorney In Austin, TX

About Kathleen

Kathleen Macaulay is a licensed attorney with over twelve years of experience whose practice focuses on estate planning, probate matters, and related tax advice. This includes drafting wills and medical powers of attorney, establishing trusts to preserve assets, managing probate estates.

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