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I Will Help You to Ensure That You and Your Loved Ones Will Be Provided For

To make certain our clients are well protected, we offer to keep vital documents up-to-date, help clients avoid problems sometimes associated with probate, avoid unnecessary taxes, and aid them in constructing strategies to ensure their families are provided for in difficult times.

In the event of a death, we are ready to skillfully and sensitively assist clients in handling their loved one’s estate whether it be through the probate process, locating heirs with forensic genealogy for distribution of an estate, or the administration of a trust.

In all that we do, we intend to provide a level of quality that exceeds our clients’ expectations in every way

Probate of Wills
Determination of Heirship
Administration of Estates and Trusts
Life Insurance Claims
Representation of Fiduciaries
Real Property Title Issues
Wills & Codicils
Powers of Attorney
Advance Directives
Testamentary and Inter Vivos Trusts
Charitable Giving
Life Insurance Trusts
Retirement Planning
Services Provided By The Law Office Of Kathleen L. Macaulay
Estate & Trust Settlement
Distribution of Unclaimed Assets
Suits to Quiet Title to Real Property
Establishment of Ownership of Oil, Gas, and Mineral Rights or Other Legal Interests
Creating Business Entities to Limit Liability and Exposure
Buy/Sell Agreements
Key Personnel Agreements
Creation of Trusts for Succession of Family-Owned Businesses
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